Ice Epoxy Ice Cast Deep Pour River Resin 3 Gallons (11.3L)
Ice Epoxy Ice Cast Deep Pour River Resin 3 Gallons (11.3L)
Ice Epoxy Ice Cast Deep Pour River Resin 3 Gallons (11.3L)

Ice Epoxy Ice Cast Deep Pour River Resin 3 Gallons (11.3L)

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PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced 2:1 deep pour epoxy resin. UV Resistant

This is a 3-gallon kit. You will receive (2) gallons of resin and (1) gallon of hardener. 

Cures to a crystal clear appearance and can be tinted with powdered or liquid pigments.

 It is a high-performance, highly viscous, epoxy resin with a cure time between 12-36 hours, depending on the volume and thickness poured.

Working Conditions:

Take into consideration the volume of epoxy you pour into a void. Pouring too much epoxy into a large area can result in shrinking, yellowing, or cracking. Keeping the work area cool by adding a fan can help reduce the risk of epoxy overheating.
For best results, all materials and working conditions should be at a constant temperature. We recommend between 65°F and 75°F. Epoxy is a temperature-sensitive material. When cool, it’s thicker and will set slower. When warm, it’s thinner and will set much faster. Working with material above 75°F and depending on volume, the River resin may set too quickly and exotherm (become too hot) which could cause it to yellow, distort, shrink or crack.

Minimum/Maximum Casting Thickness:

The maximum casting thickness can vary depending on a number of factors including ambient temp, material temp, volume, project dimensions, etc. Larger slabs should be poured thinner than smaller castings to minimize exotherm. Every project is unique. For small castings this can be used up to 3", for larger castings like tables, we recommend pouring between 1" and 1.5" at a time. If you're making a clear casting, we recommend doing thinner layers to prevent yellowing. We don't recommend using this epoxy under .25" as it can take several days to cure.


Once measured in the proper 2:1 ratio, stir until well combined. It should be crystal clear and free of striations before pouring. Whether you're using a paddle mixer or a stick, make sure the sides and bottom are continually scrapped to avoid unmixed resin ruining your project.